Covid-19 Code of Conduct



  1.  Each week, you must book your place to attend rehearsal by completing the rehearsal booking form for that week, which will be emailed to you. 

  2. If you do not book you will not be allowed to attend that rehearsal. 

  3. You must only register for rehearsals if you believe you are free of COVID-19 infection. 

  4. If subsequently you are unable to attend the rehearsal that week, you must inform us by clicking the ‘contact organiser’ button on the booking site or let Lee know so we can reallocate your place. You may not be allowed to book for future rehearsals if you fail to do so. 

  5. Due to space constraints and social distancing guidelines, we may not be able to accommodate everyone who registers, therefore you may not be able to attend every rehearsal. 

  6. You must read and agree to adhere to the WOS Code of Conduct before booking your rehearsal place. 



  1. While travelling to rehearsals, you must take all possible precautions to protect yourself from COVID-19 infection, including wearing a mask on public transport. 

  2. You must wear a mask when entering the church and for the duration of the rehearsal apart from when you're playing a wind or brass instrument.

  3. You must bring your own music stand and music (a link will be provided to print or download), neither of which can be shared with other players.  

  4. You must use hand sanitiser on arrival at the church and during the rehearsal when touching surfaces. 

  5. You must bring your own refreshments to rehearsals; we cannot provide them. 

  6. You must always respect social distancing, including when entering the church, or queuing to enter and must refrain from mingling with other players. 

  7. You must respect the one-way system through the orchestra and down the side aisles. 

  8. You must follow the directions given to you by the rehearsal committee. 

  9. You must go straight to your allocated seat. 

  10. You must let the rehearsal committee arrange the rehearsal layout and not move anything. 

  11. You must always be responsible for your belongings and keep them with you. 

  12. Store larger instrument cases under your seat  to maintain social distancing between players. 

  13. Large flat cases must be stored away from the playing area without blocking aisles. 



  1. You must respect social distancing throughout rehearsal: Players will be seated 2m apart from each other. 

  2. The conductor will maintain a 3m distance from other players during rehearsal. 

  3. Please keep tuning and warm-up playing to a minimum and refrain from playing when not directed by the conductor. 

  4. Rehearsals will run without a break but you may take a comfort break at any point during rehearsals, either to use the toilet or to take fresh air outside. Please respect the one-way system when doing so. 

  5. Do not share drinks or refreshments. 

  6. Wind and brass players must not empty out moisture from their instruments onto the floor but bring a cloth or paper towels to absorb it and store it in an air-tight bag or box and remove it from the church at the end of rehearsals. 

  7. If you feel unwell during a rehearsal, you must report it immediately to a member of the committee. 

  8. The committee may decide to end the rehearsal at any time if they feel it is unsafe to continue, at which point you must leave the venue promptly as directed.